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What times are your classes?


   You can view our timetable 

What do I need to do to start training?

That’s easy! Just come along and try one of our classes. We offer a week’s free training to all new students.

What do I need to bring to my first class?

New students can wear a t-shirt and track pants (or shorts if it is a bit warmer). Also bring a drink bottle (we have drinks available for sale at reception).

Ok, I’d like to start training. What do I do now? 

We require all new students to complete and return a Student Application/Waiver form to reception. 

New students will need a uniform, sparring gear and a mouth guard. All these items are available for sale at reception. 

How much does it cost to train?

Our fee structure is competitive, and depends on the age of each student, how many members of a family will be training and how often a student trains. Feel free to contact us for a quote.

Do you accept Service NSW Active Kids vouchers?

Yes, we are an approved Active Kids service provider. Vouchers can be used towards training fees, uniforms and training equipment to get you started!

What class would I attend? 

Ages 3-5                Destiny Preschoolers

Ages 5-7                Destiny Kids

Ages 8-13              Destiny Juniors 

Ages 14 upwards   Destiny Seniors 


How do I tie my belt?


Senior Instructor Matt has created a video to demonstrate this which can be viewed 


I’ve left behind/lost my drink bottle/sparring gear/belt/etc

All students belongings that have been left behind are placed on the Kitchen Bench, please see Instructor Vanessa. 


How long will it take me to get my black belt?

This is hard to answer, as every student is different. It depends how often a student trains and how committed they are to training.

We recommend that in order for a student to be eligible for grading, each student needs to participate in a minimum of 2 classes a week (or attendance to 50% of classes).

This is no different to any other sport. If you play soccer, netball, or football, and do not attend regular training, you do not get selected on the team, or given the opportunity to progress in your sport.


I trained at another school. Can I train with you and keep my same belt level?

We pride ourselves on the reputation of our school and high standard of training our students have come to expect. As a result, our students have worked hard to reach the level they have achieved. It difficult to place where a new student may rank within our program until they have trained with us for some time and participated in a Destiny Grading.


What are my payment options?

Our billing is on a month by month basis, paid in advance. All families will be issued with an invoice during the final week of each month. Payment is required in full by the first week of the new month.

Payment can be transferred to our bank account (details are on the invoice), paid in cash or by EFTPOS at reception.

All fees must be current and paid in full for a student to be eligible for grading.


When is grading?

Traditional gradings are held at Destiny every THREE months, in March, June, September and December.

Bo gradings are held every THREE months, in March, June, September and December.

When can I do a Bo (weapons) class?

We recommend students be training at Destiny on a regular basis for a minimum of 6 months before they can commence weapons training. A student also needs to be well behaved and responsible to be considered for entry into these programs.



I'm interested in competing in tournaments. What do I need to do?

Some of our instructors and students compete in martial arts tournaments hosted by International Sports Karate Association (Australia); also known as ISKA. If you are interested in competing in a tournament, please speak with Master Clarence. Once you have his approval, you will need to register as a competitor at Once you are registered, you can enter tournaments at the same website. Tournament competitors are representing our school, and must train on a regular basis. Additionally, all tournament competitors must participate in COMPULSORY tournament training, which is held on Saturdays after the Extreme class (when required)


Finally, our newsletter is emailed to all parents approximately once a week. This contains all the information you need about current and upcoming events etc.

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